Summer Photography Workshops at Burren College of Art

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Summer Photography Workshops at Burren College of Art

Post  allseeingeye on Thu Apr 09, 2009 9:39 am

The Burren College of Art ( is offering the following summer workshops which may be of interest to members….

Extending the Photography - Cyanotype as an alternative process with Martina Cleary
August 4th – 7th €300 + €15 Starter Pack

The Cyanotype process was invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842. It is a very versatile means of creating a photographic image, using a light-sensitive liquid, which can be painted onto any kind of porous surface. Once this is then exposed to sunlight and developed, the result is an image of deep vibrant blue. Once created, the image can later be drawn into or hand painted. Using a variety of sources from photographs to photocopies, drawings, text and found objects, participants will learn how to create cyanotype prints. Using contact negatives and simple photogram techniques students will learn how to transfer person al imagery onto a variety of surfaces, including paper, textile, wood and stone.
This course is suitable for all levels, from beginners in photography right through to advanced students. It is a technique which is also attractive to those with an interest in traditional printing or painting. Students will receive a Starter Pack which includes ten sheets of acetate and two sheets of Fabriano paper.

Photojournalism with Julien Behal
August 4th – 6th €290 + €10 Starter Pack

This workshop is designed to give committed amateur photographers opportunities to work and study with a working professional photojournalist. The primary focus of the workshop is to help photographers who are seeking to advance their work, redirect their focus and take their storytelling to another level. With a good balance between theory and practice, photographers will receive portfolio evaluations, slide shows presentations tracing the history of photojournalism and two full afternoons on shooting assignments. Each participant will then get to showcase their work on the final day.
This course is ideal for any photographer wishing to break into photojournalism and looking for valuable professional tips, contacts and help to guide them in the right direction. All applicants must have an understanding of the technical aspects of digital photography, including editing software. The workshop does not provide cameras or laptop computers but participants will get a Starter Pack of five A4 colour prints and one 3’x 2’ print of their work. Students are expected to come prepared as if they were shooting a real assignment.

Black, White & Grey - Photographing the Burren with Martina Cleary
August 10th – 14th €330 + €20 Starter Pack

This workshop is for those who want to learn how to make traditional black and white photographic prints. Using the natural environment of the Burren as the starting point, participants will investigate how to correctly expose and develop film. Through field work assignments followed by hands-on practice in the chemical darkroom we will explore the range and possibilities of the black and white print. The course is suitable for beginner to intermediate students interested in landscape photography, which will be presented and discussed as part of the course. Students will receive a Starter Pack including 25 sheets of Ilford 8x10 Pearl R.C. paper and 2 films HP5

Creatively using your Digital Camera with Martina Cleary
August 17th – 21st €395 + €15 Starter Pack

During this course students will investigate how to use and control all the basic functions and menus of the digital camera. Through a series of guided exercises participants will explore the technical as well as the creative range of possibilities offered on the average digital SLR. This course is for anyone new to digital cameras, as well as for those who know a little but want to explore the creative side of digital photography.
Over the five days, instruction will be given both in the field as well as in the digital darkroom. Students will learn the basics of capturing a good digital image, avoiding and correcting common photographic mistakes, transferring the image to an editing programme, making adjustments, storing the work and simple printing. The course is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate students. Fieldwork will involve working with the local immediate natural environment of the Burren area. Students will receive a Starter Pack which includes ten prints on A4 photo paper as well as one 3’x 2’ print of their work. Only material created on the course can be printed.


Brochures and booking forms are available from Bríd O’Loghlen at
Tel: 065 7077200,

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