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They had cut the railroad four miles below the town,UGG Boots but they had been beaten off by the Confederate cavalry; and the engineering corps, sweating in the broiling sun, had repaired the line.Gerald’s letter was so full of brag and bluster as to how the Yankees had been driven from the railroad that one would have thought he personally had accomplished the feat, single handed.Mrs. O’Hara was very glad now that Scarlett and Wade had not come home when the siege began.Scarlett’s conscience smote her at this last, for it had been months since she had been to church.
For some time she had felt that God was not watching out for her, Chanel Bags the Confederates or the South, in spite of the millions of prayers ascending to Him daily.Not even the crack of a rifle had sounded since sunset and the world seemed far away. Scarlett rocked back and forth, lonely, miserable since reading the news from Tara, wishing that someone, anyone, even Mrs. Merriwether, were with her.There was not even the hope of a chance caller. Visitors had fallen off to nothing this last week, for every man who could walk was in the rifle pits or chasing the Yankees about the countryside near Jonesboro.
Tonight when Atlanta was so quiet, she could close her eyes and imagine she was back in the rural stillness of Tara and that life was unchanged, unchanging. Why, either Stu or Brent might have been her husband. But now, when the war was over and she went back to Tara to live, she would never again hear their wild halloos as they dashed up the avenue of cedars.Evidently he had forgotten the contretemps, or pretended to have forgotten it, for he settled himself on the top step at her feet without mention of their late difference.She had not seen him since the day when she had alighted from Gucci Bags his carriage so precipitously at Five Points.


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