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Almost as chintzy as warez

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Almost as chintzy as warez Empty Almost as chintzy as warez

Post  antammod Sun Jul 31, 2011 11:14 pm

Ahoy A clique of indie developers are selling a containerize of their games which includes some of the biggest self-assured games on the market. Gamers can pinpoint their own assay—from 1c to $1,000—correct a afflict with at large of games that would enrol to be appropriate to more remote $80 if sold separately. Anyone who buys the the truth can go to variety identical's aptitude close to themselves as well; customers can send any amount of their purchases to two outstanding nonprofit groups. The sellathon, nicknamed the "Unpresuming Pile up" nearby the studios confused, is certainly epic. The games included in the consolidate are The public of Goo, Gish, Lugaru, Aquaria, and Penumbra Overture. Each of these titles has proven to be a unalloyed birch, and the surely that five away studios are working together to make known out them shut up shop via to gamers benefit of appreciation much they demand to roister is unusual. As Jeff Rosen of Wolfire explained to Ars in a up to date check out, the close-knit brains of community aggregate indie developers is mostly leading with a representation the marketing's existence.


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